How do we determine if the plaintiff’s threshold has been met in Tort action?

Ontario Regulation 381/03 states comprehensive definitions and procedures that must be followed for determining whether or not the plaintiff’s threshold has been met. “Permanent serious impairment of an important physical, mental or psychological function” means impairment of a person that meets the criteria set out in section 4.2.             4.2  (1)  A person suffers from … Read More

How are the defendants protected from their liability for the plaintiff’s Tort action for his pain and suffering in Ontario?

S. 267.5 (5) of the Insurance Act protects the defendants from their liability for the plaintiff’s pain and suffering in the motor vehicle Tort action. In order for the plaintiff to be entitled to recover his general damages for his pain and suffering, he must satisfy the court that he has sustained “permanent serious impairment … Read More

The court tossed the action for the denied Long Term Disability Benefits.

Hutton v. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, 2019 ONSC 279 – The plaintiff, Ms. Hutton has sued the defendant Manufacturers Life Insurance Company for denial of Long Term Disability Benefits (LTD) under an insurance policy issued by the defendant contracted by the plaintiff’s employer, Quinte Health Care (“QHC”).  However, the plaintiff was bound by the … Read More

Why do you need to read and understand the policy of your disability benefits insurance companies?

While your disability benefits insurance companies are to pay your short-term and long-term disability benefits until you cease to be disabled, your policy contains the definition of disability and duration of your benefits.  Here are examples of how the policy of disability benefits insurer is laid out: CIGNA Life Insurance Company of Canada (from Moore … Read More