About Ariel Baek

Ariel Baek offers extensive experiences serving various clients in a Physio and Rehabilitation Clinic and other Personal Injury Law Offices.
She has provided counselling and legal services to a variety of patients and clients suffering from minor, serious and catastrophic impairments from motor vehicle accidents and handled their cases successfully.
Her results oriented passion with advocacy skills keeps her motivated to continue to provide quality representation for her clients striving for accident benefits and recovery of compensation.

Ariel Baek M.A.

Areas of Practice – Accident Benefits Claims

Ariel has been a zealous counsel for various individuals assisting in their accident benefits claims under the Insurance Act and disability benefits claims. By putting results first, she has worked tirelessly in protecting her client’s best interests in both recovery and deserved compensation.

Her endless efforts and enthusiasm about the personal injury law have led her to successfully dispute denied accident benefits claims with various insurance companies.

Ariel works in association with other Personal Injury Law Firms that have successfully represented various clients in the following areas:

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Falls, Disability Claims, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Insurance Claims, Fatal Accidents & Wrongful Death, Dog Bites.

As a Licensed Paralegal in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, and having earned an Honours Degree from Humber College and a Master’s Degree and with her in depth knowledge of Canadian, European ad Asian communities, Ariel is uniquely qualified to successfully manage her clients’ best interests.


Despite difficult journeys from the beginning, Ariel has made endless efforts to have my case successfully resolved with the defence counsel at the end.

– Stalevskaya v. Certas Home & Auto Insurance

It was a hard journey from the beginning after my motor vehicle accident, and Ariel successfully resolved my accident benefits case. We both were satisfied with our compensation.

– Grynyshyn & Kondratyeva v. Northbridge Insurance

When I retained the firm late, Ariel had started handling my case. When my case moved forward to the Tribunal, Ariel got into tireless negotiations with the defence counsel and my case was successfully resolved as a result. I am satisfied with her recovery of compensation at the end.

– Nguyen v. Intact Insurance

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