How do death and funeral benefits work under the SABS?

-Under section 26(1) of the the said Regulation,  an insurance company shall pay a death benefit.

-Under s. 27(1) an insurance company shall pay a funeral benefit for the insured who dies as a result of the accident. However, the time limits and monetary restrictions apply.

-S. 43(1) states that if a claimant is entitled to a death benefit and a funeral benefit, the insurance company shall pay the benefit within 30 days after it receives an application for the benefit. 

-S. 43(2) makes it clear that if the insurance company denies the above benefits, the claimant shall receive a notice of the denial and the medical and any other reasons for the denial within 30 days after the insurance company receives the application for the benefit.

-S. 51(2) states that if the payment of a benefit is overdue, the insurance company shall pay interest on the overdue amount in accordance with this section for each day the amount is overdue.

The Ariel Baek Legal Services acts for those claimant’s families who have undergone death of the loved ones in a motor vehicle accident. And, we file the Application for Death and Funeral Benefits, all supportive medical evidence and related documentation on their behalf to insurance companies until they pay the benefits our claimant’s families deserve.